We advise investors and real property owners. We manage commercial and residential developer projects. We guarantee transaction reliability.

We specialise in analyses involving options of real property management. We cooperate with leading architectural studios and professionals with hands-on experience in handling decisions and permits obtained within the framework of construction process.

We assist with:

  1. drafting construction works contracts, general contractorship agreements, subcontracting agreements, project management agreements, contracts on specific works, as well as agreements on deliveries or sales with installation, design works agreements including author’s supervision, agreements on geodetic services, contract engineer agreements, general contractor agreements, developer agreements and prospectuses, as well as agreements transferring rights to real properties;

  2. drafting legal opinions regarding investments in a given area, and the need for applying for administrative permits;

  3. obtaining administrative permits, including environmental permits, decisions on zoning and land development conditions, tree felling permits, building permits, and permits for use;

  4. representation before public administration authorities, administrative courts, general courts, including cases regarding legalisation of illegal building;

  5. representation in cases regarding remuneration for construction works or remuneration for additional works.

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