We provide strategic and day-to-day legal aid in the form of permanent and complex legal consulting for business enterprises. Our services dedicated to businesses and investors allow quick and effective response to the changing market needs. The quality of our services and access to up-to-date legal solutions give a business advantage to our Clients and help them challenge the competition.

We assist with:

  1. preparation and management of shareholder meetings, as well as meetings of supervisory boards and management boards, amending articles of association and deeds of incorporation, remittance, pledging, and trading with shares, as well as other activities regulated by the Commercial Law;

  2. drafting, approving, and negotiating contracts, bylaws, and legal notices;

  3. representation in pre-trial, judicial, administrative, and administrative-judicial proceedings;

  4. representation in pre-trial proceedings;

  5. legal assistance related to day-to-day business decisions.

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