Within the framework of services related to judicial proceedings, we offer complex consultancy and representation at courts of all instances. Nevertheless, before opening court proceedings, we strive to resolve the dispute amicably. We have long experience in representing our clients both at the negotiations phase and at later judicial proceedings.

The activities we undertake during judicial proceedings include:

  1. undertaking attempts to negotiate and resolve the dispute by arbitration;

  2. gathering evidence in the case;

  3. drafting lawsuits, applications, replies to lawsuits, objections, appeals, cassation appeals, and other procedural statements;

  4. professional representation of the client in regular proceedings, payment-order proceedings, writ-of-payment proceedings, summary proceedings, safeguard proceedings, enforcement proceedings, insolvency proceedings, and recovery proceedings;

  5. after settling the cases in judicial proceedings, we offer cooperation with bailiffs (enforcement agents) to collect the debt.